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Are you interested in carpooling or vanpooling but worried about unexpected situations? You would like to try but never took the step? Your schedules are complicated but you may carpool from time to time ? The current lines of vanpooling don’t fit your needs;

Our campaign helps you to get the solution! Participate to the 2021 carpooling challenge! From November 22nd to 26th 20218


Carpool or use a vanpooling as much as possible during the Challenge’s week.


A prize for a team drawn at random among the participants, worth a minimum of CHF 200.- /team members. The first 200 registered will also receive a participation prize.


Register between November 1st and November 19th 2021.

If I’m not a carpooler or if I don’t use vanpooling yet ?

We propose some animations to help you creating a team and then test these commute modes during the challenge:

1/The information boothswe will organise information booths with companies interested: take the opportunity to submit your request and we will propose you a team.

2/The carpooling/vanpooling meetings: in some companies, we offer animations to better understand the practice, answer questions and build your team. Prior registration is required with your mobility representative.

3/ Interactiv map: click on the link and find carpoolers or people looking for carpoolers, closed to your home! Or click on this link to find out about existing self-managed shuttles.

These animations will allow you to (re)discover the carpooling’s advantages, meet the current carpoolers and vanpoolers and share some tips and tricks with them on these 2 economical, ecological and user-friendly means of transportation. And most of all, they give you guarantee to get a parking spot on site!

Are you already a carpooler or a vanpooler?

Participate to complete your team or simply share your insights!